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About Us "I Love You" say it with Eloquence.
Beautiful diamonds and jewelry, responsibly sourced and good value.
The Company was founded by Michael Werdiger and has been dedicated to serving its customers for more than sixty years.

Industrial Diamonds

About Us The Company was founded in 1954 and has been a DeBeers Sightholder since that time. Its original business was exclusively in industrial diamonds supplying manufacturers of drill bits, saw blades, grinding wheels, wire drawing dies, dressing and shaping tools. The Company buys industrial diamonds in bulk, processes them and distributes them to customers pursuant to their individual specific requirements. Sales are based on long term relationships with customers. The industrial business continues to operate successfully today albeit only for wire drawing dies, dressing and shaping tools as most of the other applications now use synthetic industrial diamonds.

Polished Diamonds

About Us The Company began manufacturing polished diamonds in the mid 1970s. At that time the Company produced finished goods from one to ten carats. Those goods were sold worldwide to dealers. During the 1980s the Company expanded the range of its production to include smaller goods from ten per carat to three quarter caraters. In the 1990s the Company began selling its diamond production to retailers in North America. Today the Company’s polished diamond production is focused on one third to three carat finished goods in white and fancy colors. The polishing factories are in New York and India.


About Us The Company began manufacturing jewelry using the diamonds from its polished diamond production in the 1990s. Over time the Company expanded the range of jewelry it produces from basics to a full range of bridal and fashion pieces. Today the Company focuses its jewelry production on three areas: (1) complete bridal with centers from one third carat to three carats, (2) stepup fashion with larger total weights and (3) fancy color diamond jewelry featuring natural fancy brown and color enhanced blue center stones. The Company has focused its production on premium quality jewelry in classical styles updated to the current trend line. The jewelry is manufactured in New York and Asia. The Company’s goal is to establish long term relationships with and be a key supplier to its valued retail partners.

Special Events

About Us Our restyling division does over 4,000 shows a year for its retail clients. At these shows the Company’s team of a salesman and jeweler offer an extensive selection of semimounts and loose diamonds to consumers who can watch their stones being reset and receive the instant gratification of wearing their “new” piece of jewelry. These events provide incremental store traffic for the retailer and a unique shopping experience for the consumer.